X Exhibition

Special Exhibition

The Mast Crane

The exhibition opens the 23rd of June

The exhibition is a tour back in a time, from the present time high tech Frigates and back to the building of ships in the middle age. In 1710 the battle ship Dannebroge had a dramatic ending, during the battle against the Swedes.

Dannebroge was the first battle ship that left det new shipyard at Nyholm.

Now this great battle ship has been created as a new remote function model in a scale 1:10. This makes the model the worlds greatest model ship.

At the exhibition "The ships on Nyholm" the model will be finshed and launched, close to the place where it was launched back in 1692.

294 new ships was launched in the period from1692-1926 from the shipyard at Nyholm.

At the exhibition in the Mast Crane you will hear about the many ships og the exquisite ship and military innovation, causing Copenhagen to be a maritime power center in more than 250 years.

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