The torpede/missile boat “Sehested”

The museum ship P547 Sehested – the 8th build unit in the Willemoes-class

The museum ship P547 Sehestedwas build of the wharf of Frederikshavbn form December 1976 till May 1977

Torpedomissilbåden P547 SEHESTED.

The torpedo/missile boat SEHESTED was in the years 1975-2000 a part of the 9 sister ships. they were called the Willemoes class (named after a Danish navy hero Peter Willemoes). It was also called the ships of the navy heroes due to their names:


BILLE, BREDAL, HAMMER, HUITFELDT, KRIEGER, NORBY, RODSTEEN, SEHESTED, SUENSON andWILLEMOES. SEHESTED are named after Admiral Christen Thomesen Sehested (1664-1736).

The missile/torpede is named after viceadmiral Christen Sehested (1664-1736)

Christian Sehested var among other known from the battles of Stralsund and Rügen during the Great Nordic battle, and he was the first chief of the midshipman academy back in 1701.

Torpedo/missile boat Sehested

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