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the 22nd of April 2023

Visit Peder Skram, Sehested and the submarine Sælen

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The historic warships on Holmen

The floating cold war museum

The floating museum of Copenhagen at Nyholm is a unique experience for the whole family, the children and teenagers, schools and other institutions, local and foreign tourists.

Everyone is welcome

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What is the historic warships on Holmen?

The historic warships on Holmen is the oldest Cold War museum in Denmark, situated on the historical Nyholm on the opposite side of Toldboden at the city side of Copenhagen.

At the old Naval Base “Holmen” in Copenhagen the frigate “Peder Skram”, the torpedo/missile boat “Seehested”, and the submarine “Sælen” invites everyone, who would like to know more about the work in the Danish Navy in the late half of the 20th century.

Get a unique change to see into the operation rooms of the warships, the radio station, or the artillery control centers, and experience how to control the war with the onboard weapon systems. On the warships you can also learn about the work the crew performed, had their dinner and where they slept.

Have a look at the impressive collection of cold war model warships and see the exhibition where the former foreign minister Uffe Ellemann tells the history of the Cold War.

Plan your visit here and enjoy eventful hours in Copenhagen with many stories from sailors, who have sailed and lived onboard the warships for several years.

An exciting experience where one can touch and test demo facilities awaits the children of all ages.

Imagine, explore and learn about the life of sailor.

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