Opening dates

Summer opening time

Every day from 11 am to 5 pm

22 of June - 1 of September

For other dates see "Informations"

Tickets can be bougth at the quay or via

the webshop

The Museum offers

Treasure huntings for the children

Guided tours at Nyholm

Guided tours on the ships

Book a ship for special arrangements

It is also possible to book the ship outside normal opening time.

In that case use "Contact us"

More informations see



Adult 160,- kr.

Young ones (5 - 18 år) 90,- kr.

Veterans (Show Id) 90,- Kr.

Children (0 - 5 år) Free

Naval Station Holmen where the Museum is located is open for the public all of the year from 8 am to sunset.

All trafic at the military area must respect the order by the military and follow the rules from signs and directions by the military police


It is possible to park your tramp at the ticket office at your own. Bring a chain lock. The toilet facilities are adequate but without changing area


Dogs on leash are welcome at your own risk. Dog waste bags cannot be found in the area, please bring those yourself and remove the dog’s leftovers

Brought food

Brought food and drinks can be enjoyed outside the ships, as long as you clean up after yourself.  

Please refer to areas seating and surrounding trash cans

Public transportation to the Museum Skibene på Holmen

With bus 2A to Refshaleøen:

You can go by bus no. 2A towards Refshaleøen, and get of at Fabrikmestervej. The entrance for the naval station “Holmen” is located 150 meter. further ahead. Learn more at rejse/koereplaner. Or you can go by Harbour Bus Line 991/992 and get off at the Opera. From here it is

approximately one kilometre to walk to the naval station. More information at

For the moment the stop is closed due to safety. No opening date is announced.

By car

Free parking for visitors to the Museum "Skibene på Holmen"

When you go by car, you'll follow Prinsessegade and continue by Danneskjold Samsøes alle,

At the end you'll have Naval Station Holmen.

Or drive by Kløvermarksvej and Forlandet.

Turn left to Kongebrovej and then turn right into the Naval Station Holmen.

It's easy to park here.

Please note that car trafic is allowed no matter the trafic signs, for visitors to the Museum.

Conditions for disabled

Service dogs can of course accompany visitors. It must be noticed that there is a limited and troublesome admittance for guests in wheelchairs caused by several steep chairs.

Peder Skram Købenavhn Museum
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Contact info

Museet Skibene på Holmen

Elefanten 2

1439 København K

CVR.: 18536048


Telefon: +4532571316