Privacy policy for the museum Historic warships Copenhagen

The museum Historic warships Copenhagen is owned by the fund Peder Skram. The museum is run primarily by volunteered and unpaid working capacity. A condition for working at the museum is, that you share your personal informations with the museum, but only necessarily informations, will be used in accordance with our privacy policy.

That is why we have decided this privacy policy, brtiefly informs about how we handle private informations, to secure a legal use. To protect your private informations are a matter of course for us, and are protected due to the law of personally informations. We are only using personally informations as a matter of factness for the museums legitime interests.

SPH is a responsible organisation

Data responsible contact person is Gustav Lang


Telephone: +45 32571316

The inforce privacy policy kan be read online on our website: in English in Danish

When do we collect your personal informationsr?

When we have an agreement that you start working at the museum, wwe fill out a scheme with your informations. After that you ar enrolled in our employer file. During this porcess you give us a signed consent that gives us the right to keep your informations to service you as an employee at the museum.

if you’re still interested…

We suggest you contact the management of the museum. They’ll explain this policy for you indetails.

Date: 7th of June 2021

Be a volunteer at the museum

Contack us onE-mail, call42 94 93 52 or use the formular below. – We’ll respond as quickly as possible!