The stories behind the frigate Peder Skram, torpedo/missile boat Seheested, the submarine Sælen, and the Mast Crane

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The frigate Peder Skram

Did you know that it was Peder Skram that accidently ffired a harpoon missile the 6th of September 1982 in the direction across Zeeland ?

The submarine Sælen

And did you know that the submarine came form Norway where it had served for 25 years before it was a Danish submarine and it participated in the Iraq back in 2003?

Torpedo/missile boat Sehested

Did you also know that it has a power as a destroyer form worldwar 2. It had a crew of 25 men and women, with a very little space.


And did you know that the Mast Crane was able to lif up till 20 tons by man power. 72 men workd daily at the crane to make it work properly.

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A sample of our videos with guided tours on the Frigate “Peder Skram”, the Torpedo/Missile Boat “Sehested” , & the Submarine “Sælen”.

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A tale and a tour by former Chief of Defence, Admiral Tim Sloth Jørgensen

The frigate Peder Skram

F352 Peder Skram was a Danish frigate. The vessel entered the Royal Danish Navy in 1966 and was laid up in 1988 together with

the sistership F 353 “Herluf Trolle”. 

She was built in according to the

Danish-American cost-sharing-program of may the 1959.

The frigate was known, when she by ccident fired a Harpoon missile in September 1982. The incident was known as the “Oops-missile”. The ship was sold at an auction and transferred to to the “Peder Skram” foundation.

The Ship has been converted

into a museum with an appearance like the one before she was discharged from

the Navy.

The museum is open to visitors

during all school vacations and is situated at “Elefanten” on the Copenhagen

Naval Station.

The submarine Sælen

Thisideo shows the submarine “Sælen”, which was renamed from “UTHAUG ”to “SÆLEN”

by entering into the Danish Navy. During

the 90’ties the safety policy focus changed from defencing Denmark and the

neighbouring area into  participating in international operations.

 And again the   “Sælen” was subject to a major modernising program ,which amongst other

things improved the ability  of operating in warmer seas.

The” ælen ”was later transformed into the Museum Submarine the  “Sælen” and exhibited on the “Bradebænken” on The Naval Station “Nyholmen”. i

Torpedo/ missile boat Sehested

It is the last Danish Torpedo/Missile boat of the “Willemoes Class” Sehested as transferred into the National Museum of istoric Defence in 2000.

This ended a long tradition of quipping small , fast boats, which could deliver a solid attack against hostile vessels.

Sehested is therefore the last anish vessel, which , in a straight line, leads back to the first Danish orpedo Boat “Hajen” built in 1879.

 Sehested was built at Frederikshavn Shipyard nd was commissioned in 1978.