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The floating museum at Nyholm in Copenhagen

It’s us “on the other side” when you stand at Toldboden and the Maersk building.

Have a good “experience” when visiting The ships at Holmen

An experience once in a lifetime

Children and young people have access to the instrumtns and facilities aboard the ships, and here they can discover and play with the history.

When in the museum Skibene på Holmen, you quickly gets access to the maritime work, while you tour the ships’ many exciting rooms and cabins swith instruments the crew worked with during the time of the cold war in Denmark.

You will meet passionate personel, and they will guide you into the world of the life aboard when granddad was young.

Discover the history come into live, when the guides tell you how they lived aboard. When they slept, ate and worked. How the life was in the submarine, visit the cartains cabin and see how the cook prepared dinner in large pots and pans for the entire crew.


Do you know the story about the “Hovsa-missile” that went world wide.? Maybe you saw it in the televisionHenning og dødsmissilet?”

You can experience the control center where Commander G. Olsen carried out his routine check of the Harpoon missile system, and get the story about the missile which 6th ofSseptember 1982 unintended was launched with the direction across Seeland and out to the Baltic Sea.

Grandchildren and granddad after a visit together at the museum Skibene på Holmen.

Private photo/ Myj 2020

Guided tours in the Mast Crane

Take your girlfriend or your friends for a tour up in the Mast Crane and enjoy the beautiful view over Holmen, Amager and Copenhagen.

Discover the meaning of the windows for the entire building, and find 5 mistakes in one of the rooms.

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Museet Skibene på Holmen

Elefanten 2

1439 København K

CVR.: 18536048

It is still possible to make an arrangement in one of the ships


+ 45 32 57 13 16